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Listen to the radio Okay online live stream from Ghana

Listen to the radio Okay online live stream from Ghana. This is a Ghanaian radiostation. It is available by FM and by the online radio stream. The slogan of the radio is: ‘Everything is okay’. This reflects the positive vibes which are being spread by the radio. The frequency on which this station is available in Ghana is 101.7 FM. The studio is based in the Ghanaian city named Tesano (Abeka Lapaz). If you are not in the Tesano/Accra region then you can listen by using the online stream. In 2010 the radiostation started broadcasting in het southern part of the African country. Nowadays the radiostation is very popular. It has worldwide a lot of listeners.

Contact the studio on:
Ship House,
Abeka Junction,
P.O Box 17470
Accra – Ghana┬á
Phone number:

0302 – 243529

0302 – 243527