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Listen to radio Kasapa live online radio stream

Kasapa is a Ghanaian radio station based in Accra. From the capital of Ghana the radiostation broadcasts a lot of nice radio programmes and music. These programmes are meant for the people of Ghana.The main language on the radio station is Twi. This is a popular Ghanaian dialect. Kasapa is an urban, lifestyle radio station. The station is very popular among the Ghanaian people. Over 18.132 thousand listeners have liked the Facebook page of this radiostation. The radio station belongs to Ghana’s leading media group called the EIB Network. Listen free online to radio Kasapa FM. EIB Network also owns Starr FM and LIVE FM in Accra, Ultimate FM in Kumasi, Empire FM (Takoradi), Agoo FM (Nkawkaw), and HI FM (Koforidua), as well as the Daily Heritage newspaper.

By producing nice radio programmes the station tries to keep their audience satisfied. There is a lot of competition in the Ghanaian radio world. Satisfying the audience is very important. Kasapa FM Online tries to be the kind of radio which servers it’s listeners. The listeners should be attracted to this station whenever they turn on their radio. Tune in and enjoy the beauty of the radio and its programmes.

With the production of programmes in the Twi dialect EIB Networks tries to build an urban audience for Kasapa. They try to reach the Twi-speaking demographic of Ghana. In order to reach their goals the station has recruited experienced hosts from competing brands. By taking over hosts EIB tries to get a stable place on urban radio.

Listen every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm to the exclusive interviews. The radiostation interviews popular Ghanaian musicians, actors, comedians, dancers with insightful discussions. The interviews are compared with good music of all time.

Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger is a Ghanaian radio personality. She is known for hosting some broadcasted programs. The host has officially kicked off her first Kasapa moment in the morning show on Monday April 20th. Afia Schwarzenegger became very popular with the host on the united television. Before Afia had a contract at Happy FM.