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Listen to Hitz live online radio from Ghana

Listen to live online Hitz radio. This radiostation is also known as Hitz Gh. It is a very popular station in Ghana. It is located at Dechemso Kumasi- Ghana West Africa. It is known for the promotion of young artist and musicians. Mostly these artist are not very famous yet. Hitz  GH has been established in 2010. It was partly funded by the Ghanaian government. It’s main purpose is promoting musicians & upcoming musicians. It reaches this by broadcasting radio through the internet. On the radio it pays attention to the artists. Within the years Hitz has extended their services. It has grown a very big online community. The online community follows the radiostation on Facebook and Twitter.  The studio and the office is opened at the working hours from Mondays – Saturdays (8:30Am – 6:00Pm GMT).

Hitz Facebook fanpage

The Hitz Facebook fanpage is your best source for the music trends from Ghana. Follow this page it you like to get updates about entertainment and artist news. Over 40 thousand fans have already liked the Facebook fanpage. Even more people are following the fanpage. If you like to listen to the latest music you should visit the website. It is also possible to listen to the radio/music with the app. This is available from the Google Play store.

Hitz Gh latest music news

On the website of Hitz Gh you can find the latest news from Ghana. This includes breaking sports news and political news. Besides this you can read a lot of information about the latest entertainment and music news. Visit the website or the Facebook page of the radiostation to keep yourself up to date about the latest music trends.

Hitz Contact Adress

Underneath you can find the contact information of Hitz GH.

Contact phonenumbers:

+233 245 464 567 / +233 574 666 788

Email: Info@hitzgh.com

Postal Address: P.O.Box KS12105, Adum- Kumasi Ghana W/A