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Listen to Highlife live online stream radio (USA)

Highlife is a radiostation which focusses on the Ghanaian people worldwide. The radiostation is based in America but it has worldwide a lot of listeners. A lot of listeners live in Ghana. The station provides high quality programmes for the Ghanaian community. The slogan is: Quality programmes for quality people. The station is very popular in Ghana and America. A lot of listeners are based in Nigeria, Canada, Europe and South Africa. The mission of Highlife Radio is to inform, educate, inspire and to entertain the listeners. To achieve this the station produces culturally relevant programming. In their programming they try to represent all the different cultures of Ghana. There is a huge diversity in the country. The radiostation produces some funny movies which they post on their Facebook page.  These movies  often contain a lot of humor. Besides a website with a lot of information Highlife radio provides a Facebook page. Check out the Facebook page for more information or funny videos.

Kente Dinner Dance 

Highlife organises a yearly event named Kente Dinner Dance. This event takes place in the USA (Virginia). It is meant for the Ghanaian community in America. This community is very big in the country. The event is meant to meet other people from the same community. It is called Kente Dinner Dance and it takes place in Virginia. The event contains two parts: a dinner and a party. This is completely in Ghanaian style with food and music from the African country.

Highlife music

The radiostation is named after a modern music genre from Ghana. The music genre is called Highlife. This type of music was very popular among the Ghanaian people. It is a mix of different genres with an influence of Caribbean music. This includes some elements of swing, jazz, rock, ska and soukous. Until the introduction of the new style known as Hiplife the music. Some Ghanaian musicians had succes with this style in the USA and in the UK. was the preferred genre in Ghana. The radiostation plays a lot of these music styles including Hiplife.  Visit the event to enjoy the appropriate music, culture and and the experience. You can also meet other listeners of the radio who support the community.

Highlife radio USA adress

The studio of Highlife radio is based in the USA. You can dial the studio using the phone number underneath:



703 791 1998


703 722 6039


712 432 8047


P.O.BOX 11273