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Listen to Metropolitana FM Live online

Metropolitana FM started broadcasting in 1996. From the start this radio channel mainly focusses on the youth. It has a lot of funny programs and Metropolitana FM provides a lot of interactivity with it’s public. The interaction can take place by telephone or internet (Facebook). By providing the possibility to interact using different types of media this  becomes a really clever multimedia platfporm.

The radio can be received in the three bigger states of Brazil. The channel is broadcasting on 3 different frequencies. The main office of this channel is located in Sao Paolo. The people who live in Sao Paolo, Praia Brava and Itaperuna have the honour to receive radio Metropolitana. If you don’t live in one of these cities you can also listen to this radio channel online.

The music genres that can be heard on the radio channel are pop and rock. There are different kind of programs presented by Metropolitana FM. These are also meant for the younger listeners. Underneath you can see the list of the frequencies which the channel broadcasts on.

  • SP 98.5 (Sao Paolo)
  • PB 102.1 (Praya Brava)
  • IT 93.1 (Itaperuna)

The slogan is: It all happens in the big cities Yes!

Chupim radio show

Chupim is a show of the channel. This program is available from the beginning of Metropolitana. Nowadays this program is still being broadcasted. Chupim is a big success from the start. According to the channel Chupim became a tradition. Every week from monday until friday you can listen to Chupim at 18.00 pm local time. The show is known for the comedy and the nice music. In the program it is all about humor. Performing live pranks on the radio is a part of this channel. The presentator calls a number and tries to prank the person on the phone live on the radio. This can lead to very funny moments. Other parts of Chupim are funny live interviews and there is a lot interaction with the listeners. Using Facebook it is possible to interact live with the presentator.

Website and Facebook

If you like to read more about this radio you can visit the website of this radio channel by clicking here. You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here