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Listen to radio Belvedere live online stream

Belvedere FM is a Brazilian radio station. You can hear a lot of gospel and MPB on this channel. It is named after a neighbourhood in Brazil with the same name. You can listen to this channel at 87.9 FM. If you are not in Brazil or in the right area you can also listen live online.  Tune in to this radio station and enjoy the nice Brazilian gospel music. You can also listen to live broadcasts from the church. The adres of the office is R. Modesto Carvalho de Araújo, 227, Belo Horizonte – MG.

Community and website

The radiostation belongs to a Parish community. The foundation of the community is created in 1986. It involves a very strong Evangelical community. The Belvedere community worships the Catholic Church. Especially mother Mary. The creation of the Belvedere community was like a dream that came true for the bishop who put a lot of effort in the Belvedere FM community. Nowadays, years later the group still comes together. The radio station belongs to a rich network. This is a network which owns multiple media channels.

The website of Belvedere FM is very useful for the audience. It has a lot of functions. A part of it contains information about the community and the Catholic Church. The purpose of the information is to share knowledge about theEvangelical religion. It acts as an online learning center. The website also contains a multimedia section which contains pictures and videos of church and community meetings. If the public has missed a meeting they can review everything on the website.

NSRainha TV Webshop

The website also contains a webshop. In the webshop you can order the music which also can be heard at the radio channel. If you like to support the radio station or if you like the music you can order one of the CD’s. Enjoy the music at home! Next to the music you can also order DVD’s and books.