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Listen to Alpha FM online live radio stream – 101.7 FM

Alpha FM is another radio station from Sao Paolo. If you like to listen to oldies like 80s and 90s you would really like Alpha FM from Sao Paolo! They also play a lot of MPB. MPB is a music style which stands for Popular Brazilian Music. The programmes of the station are all ladies. This makes the radio very unique. On this station you will only hear the nice and soft voices of the female hosts.  The radiostation belongs to the Camargo family who owns multiple media channels in Brazil. It is one of the many radiostations of the city Sao Paolo – Camargo. The station has been established in november 1987. It exists for over twenty years. Everybody in and outside the city knows this station. A lot of listeners live outside the city. The slogan of this radio channel is: Style in harmony with you!

Greater Sao Paolo SP

The whole metropolitan region of Sao Paolo can listen live to radio Alpha FM. In this area lives over the 20 million people. This region is also called greater Sao Paolo. It is the largest region of Brasil. Can you imagine how large the scope of Alpha FM would be? It covers over 7 million km2.

Camargo Communication Group (GC2)

Alpha FM belongs with a few other radio stations to a company named the Camargo Communication Group. This company is also know as G2C. The 2 other stations that belong to this radio network are 89 FM Radio Rock, and Nativa FM. They offer a nice and popular radio network for the Brazilian radio public. José Camargo  is the owner of the Camargo Communication Group. The owner is over the 80 years.

Alpha FM Facebook

Over 120 thousand listeners have liked the Alpha FM Facebook page. This tells us how popular the radio station is in Brasil. On the Facebook page you can read information about the station. They share a lot of movies and photos on their page. Listeners can leave review and share what they think about the radio station. The page has received 2,3 thousand reviews with 5 stars. This is a very good result which says a lot about the radiostation. People can leave a review on the page to let the world know how much they like the radiostation. A lot of people write about how they like the music selection. Click here to visit the Facebook page of Alpha FM.

 Alpha FM App (Google/iTunes)

  • You can download the Alpha FM app on your smartphone. This makes it possible to listen to your favourite radiostation from every location around the globe. Also the app gives the possibility to see information about the playing songs. Users can also share stuff on Facebook. If you are not able to listen by ether or satellite you should download the app. The app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. This is only meant for smartphones which run on Android. Over 100 thousand listeners have installed this app. For Apple smartphones you can download the app from iTunes. You should have an iPhone or iPad to be able to install this version.
  • Download Google Android – Alpha FM App

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