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Listen to Radio Aldeia FM – 96.9 FM

Aldeia FM is a Brazilian radio channel which provides different kinds of broadcasts. The channel is a public radio channel. It is available by satellite, FM and AM radio. The slogan of this Brazilian radio channel is:

A bunch of good reasons to listen

The radio station exist longer than 7 years. The first moment of broadcast was on the 24th of june 2003. From that moment the frequency 96,6 FM has been assigned to this channel. Aldeia tries to provide a good channel with nice music. Next to the music they try to provide good information from around the region so the people of Acre can stay informed about (local) and global topics. This way the channel tries to serve the people of Acre. The state in which the radiostation is situated is called Acre. The capital of Acre is Rio Branco. The main office of Radio Aldeia has been established in Rio Branco which is the main city of Acre. The main purpose of this network is providing information and entertainment.

Public radio network

Radio Aldeia is a part of a network which also includes a TV station. The name of the TV station is TV Aldeia. The network is owned by the Brazilian government. The name of the network where this station is a part of is called ‘rede Aldeia de Communicacao’. This means ‘Network Communication Village’. The network owns 5 other radio channels which are listed underneath:

  • Brasiléia – 90.3
  • Cruzeiro do Sul – 107,9
  • Sena Madureira – 105,9
  • Tarauacá – 95,5
  • Xapuri – 89,5

Website and Facebook

To listen online to Aldeia FM you can visit the website. Click here to visit the website. You can also check the Facebook page of the radiostation. Over 7 thousand people have liked the page. There are also a lot of followers on the social media site. The Facebook page is available since 2011. On their page you can find some movies and news headlines. Click here for the Facebook page of the . Please feel free to visit their Facebook-page and like them!