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Akwaaba Radio online
Akwaaba Radio is a broadcasting network which is based in America. It aims at reaching their target group across the United States. But, to be more precise, the company tries to reach an audience with Ghanaian and/or African roots who are living in America. Also people who are interested in Ghana of the African continent are welcome to tune in on Akwaaba Radio. With their media content productions the focus on topics from the African region.

The current audience demographic range is between 16-24 years old for youth oriented programs. For their educational and social programs the current audience is 25+.

The radiostation describes itself as a community radio. That means if you live in any Ghanaian Community around the world, you could get involved. This way they try to support the community. They also  regularly collaborate with Ghanaian corporate and non-profit organisations. For example by organising public events. Also they national and regional festivals the company initiates events. During these events they highlight the creativity, achievements and entrepreneurial skills of the Ghanaian people. 


Listen to this radio station of you like to listen to discussions. The discussions and talkshow mostly involves political topics, economic topics and social topics. The audience can dial the studio to take part in a discussion. So tune in now and enjoy the talkshows and the nice exotic music. If you like to participate in one the the programmes you can contact Akwaaba using the information underneath.

Office General Info: (703) 395-0534
Office General Fax: (571) 201-6102
Listener Request Line: (703) 659-0625
Listener E-Mail: info@akwaabaradio.com
On The Go Number: (619) 550-0801