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Listen to Adom FM online stream live from Ghana

Listen to the Adom FM online live stream. This is a radio station from Ghana. The radiostation is privately owned by a company which is situated in the capital of Ghana. The company which owns and run the radiostation is ‘media group company Multimedia Group Limited’. Adom is a word in the the Ghanaian dialect language known as Twi. It means grace. You can listen online to a lot of talk programmes. These programmes discusses the latest news items.  Listen to Adom FM online and stay up to date about the the news, politics and sport topics.

Adom Online

Adom online is a Ghanaian News Website. Visit the website and read everything about the latest Ghanaian news and politics headlines. It also discusses a lot of business topics, sports items and entertainment news. Visit the news website frequently to stay up to date on the latest breaking news. The radiostation claims to provide Ghana with the latest breaking news and content straight from the motherland Ghana. Also news topics from foreign countries can be heard on Adom Online. If like to read the latest news you should visit the website. Click here to visit the website and read news from Ghana.


Odo Ahomaso

Listen to Ghana’s most famous radio talk show. This talk show focusses on the adult topics. It discusses items about relationship, love, marriage and sex. The host of this radio program is Dr. Akumaa Mama Zimbi.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor is the radioprogram which makes you dance. You can listen to known Ghanaian music and enjoy the positive sounds. Dance floor makes you feel happy!

Gospel Keteke

Every sunday you can listen to Gospel music from Ghana! Tune in on this radiostation and enjoy the Gospel music.

Time with Bishop James Saah

Listen to Time with Bishop James Saah get inspired. This show talks about hidden truths and preaches the truth to the listeners from Ghana.

Burning Issues

On Monday and Wednesday morning you can listen to the political seat that tackles every issue concerning the Ghanaian nation.

Adom FM Contact and Facebook

The adres of the radiostation is situated in the city named Kokomlemle. This is a city in the region Greater Accra. Underneath you can find all contact information of the radiostation. Also you can find the URL of the Facebook page of Adom FM. The radiostation is very popular on Facebook. It has over 66 thousand likes. Listeners can leave a comment with a review on the page. A lot of people are very satisfied about the news items the radiostation shares. Click here to visit the Adom FM Facebook page.


#355 Faanofaa Street, kokomlemle

Facebook: @adomonlinenews
Twitter: @Adomonline