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Listen to radio Accra FM live stream from Ghana

Listen online to the Radio Accra FM live stream. Accra 100.5 FM is a private radio station based in the south of Ghana. It is situated in the region named ‘Greater Accra’ which contains a population of over 4 million people. The radiostation started operations in November 2015. From the beginnen the radiostaition started transmitting through on the 100.5 FM frequency. In all parts of Accra people can listen to Accra Fm using the this frequency. Outside of the city and even outside of Ghana people can listen by the online live stream. The main language of the radiostation is Twi. This is a language which is spoken in Ghana by the Ashanti people. Over 9 million people speak this dialect.  The radiostation plays a mix of contemporary music and also other interesting programs. These are mostly talk programs.

Radio Programmes and frequency

Here you can find an overview of the radio programmes and the frequency. The frequency of Accra FM is 100.5 FM.

DAWN DEVOTION This morning programme is a religious programme for the Christian listeners. Sometimes it also discusses other faiths. Monday-Friday



(Executive Breakfast)

During breakfast hour you can listen to this program from monday to friday. It discusses trending social, political and economic items. Also you can listen to daily news from the newspapers. 5.50AM-10.00AM
AYEKOO  AYEKOO Listen to nice Ghanaian music. Monday-Friday

10 AM-2 PM

EFFUTU NSEM & WORSHIP Listen to this talk program to get inspired and motivated. Every Wednesdays during the early afternoon. Wednesdays

1 PM – 3 PM



Listen to popular Ghanaian music to relax or to make your work a little bit more fun. Monday-Friday

3 PM – 6 PM



This programme discusses the local and international Sports headlines. It focusses on Soccer news, Boxing news and Basketball news. Also you can listen to interviews. Monday-Friday

5.10pm – 5.20pm

 NEWS Stay updated about the latest local and International news. Multiple times a day you can listen to the latest news items.



6 AM


6 PM

MUSIC PLAY MODE Enjoy the local Ghanaian music daily in the evening. 7pm-midnight
ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL Discusses items and subjects with persons from within the entertainment industry. Saturdays

10am-12 noon

NYAME SOM PAL Listen to interviews with religious topics. Sundays

9 am- 11 am

Accra FM Adres and contact information

Underneath you can find all adres and contact information of the radio station FM.

No. 147 Roman Ridge
P.O. Box YK 851 Kanda Accra
Facebook: @Accra100.5fm
Phone number:  +233 30 220 8070